TreoMsgr 6.1

Schedule the delivery of text messages


  • Familiar user environment
  • Select more than one recepient


  • No recursive groups feature

Not bad

Ever wished you could write a text message and send it a future point? Perhaps you want to wish someone a happy birthday but are worried that you'll forget about it on the actual day.

Or you want to remind a colleague to do something but won't have time to write a message on the actual day it needs to be done because you'll be out of the country.

If you've ever wished for such a solution and own a Palm Treo then you're in luck because TreoMsgr allows you to schedule the delivery of SMS messages over time, so you can send texts into the future.

The lightweight application integrates well with the Treo user environment, allowing you to compose messages, set the time and date of transmission, and choose one or more targets, within a familar interface.

You can use all the Treo Tasks features, including the 'repeat' function to schedule your messages, however, a recursive groups feature is not included in TreoMsgr at present.

It also lacks the ability to combine "Groups" with individual phone numbers in the "To: " field.

Nevertheless, it's a simple enough tool for scheduling SMS messages for future delivery.

With TreoMsgr, you can schedule messages for delivery in the future. Invoking TreoMsgr from the Preferences Panel will display the TreoMsgr Preferences form.

It has only one option to enable or disable TreoMsgr. You can create and modify messages from within TreoMsgr. TreoMsgr also maintains a detailed log of message deliveries.



TreoMsgr 6.1

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